Riding The Longdendale Trail in Derbyshire

The Longdendale Trail is a short trail that follows part of the route of the Woodhead railway line. The line used to run between Manchester & Sheffield. The part we ride in this video stretches from the Woodhead Tunnel’s Westerly entrance down to Hadfield and back.

The trail, which opened in May 1992, forms part of the longer Transpennine Trail (TPT). Also, it is known as the National Cycle Network Route 62. The TPT is a long-distance coast to coast route which stretches from Southport on the West coast to Hornsea on the East coast.

We have ridden this route many times and generally, the scenery encountered on this ride is breathtaking. However on this particular occasion there appeared to be a lot of work underway to make changes to the trail and provide easier access to heavy plant/vehicles.

The cobbled sections, an old mill pond, and the unspoiled original trail still hold a lot of aesthetic appeal.

On the occasion myself, Sarah, John, and Doogie hit the trail. It had been a little wet overnight, remember to brake carefully if it is wet. Wet sand can lead to worn out brake pads very quickly.

At only 6 miles each way the Longdendale Trail is a great route that is good for all the family and cyclists of any ability. With only one road crossing it is considered traffic-free. If you tackle the trail on a Saturday the options for lunch in Hadfield are much better.

Enjoy the video and feel free to comment.

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