New Cycling Infrastructure in the North of Sheffield

The Upper Don Valley, from Stocksbridge to Sheffield’s city center, is the subject of a great plan to using existing and new cycling infrastructure in order to make a 12-mile traffic-free cycle route. The route will take active travel users from Fox valley at Stocksbridge to Lady’s Bridge in the Sheffield City Center.

You will also be able to walk, ride, Kayak or run along all or parts of the new route.

I think I have ridden much of the described route! But when I last rode them not all of the planned cycle infrastructure had been completed. So I had to do a little bit of road riding to link up the various pieces.

Upper Don Valley Trail?

Upper don valley trail
Upper Don Valley Trail: Dunford Bridge

I have seen the new trail referred to as the Upper Don Valley Trail.

I think we already have one of those which runs from Dunford Bridge down to Finkle Street Lane. It then continues onto Wharncliffe Woods & beyond. The new route may be a spur of this route? However, I think that would be a little confusing.

There is also another new walking and cycle route known as the “Little Don Cycleway” which takes you out of the WNW side of Fox Valley. This is a great piece of cycling infrastructure, and I look forward to the rest of the cycle developments in the area.

The Upper Don Valley Trail

Here is the film we made when we rode and documented the existing trail from Finkle Street Lane to Dunford Bridge a few years ago.

Upper Don Trail – Development Proposal

Watch the video below where many more details of the route are discussed.

If you would like to know more about the existing Don Valley Trail we also have a written guide on our site here Don Valley Trail

Until next time, stay safe on those trails.


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