Cycling along the Phoenix Greenways

Earlier this year, the second of May to be precise, Sarah and myself set off to ride a nice selection of trails known collectively as the Phoenix Greenways. They are situated on the border of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire.

Phoenix Greenways Map
The Phoenix Greenways

The Phoenix Greenways are a network of easy access off-road trails and quiet lanes. Once old railways and collieries, the trails are rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of industry.

The Greenways link the Five Pits, Silverhill and Pleasley-Teversal Trails to the countryside and popular local attractions.

The route we rode started at Grassmoor Country Park. Then we hit the Five pits Trail, which we followed down to Tibshelf. At Tibshelf we jumped on to the Silverhill trail. We then followed The Silverhill trail North East until we reached the link going East on to Skegby Trail. The Skegby Trail took us North to Pleasley Pit Country Park where we followed a bridleway and did a short stint on the road to reach Hardwick Hall. After lunch, we headed for the Teversal Trail and followed that South until we rejoined the Silverhill Trail once more, then on to the Five Pits trail back to Grassmoor.

The route was a pleasant one, the initial trail you ride, The Five Pits Trail is rather lumpy and maybe too much for a complete beginner, however, the rest of the trails on the route are easy going with the occasional sharp ascent or descent thrown in where the trails cross over roads.

We really enjoyed the Phoenix Greenways and would recommend them to you if you are able to travel to the area.

You can also find out more about the Phoenix Greenways from the Derbyshire county council here.

Until next time, stay safe on those trails.

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